Acer Ferrari One 201 Review

What We Think

The netbook is a perfect companion for the user that holds mobility and speed to heart and does not mind sacrificing a few essentials such as an optical drive even though it is made up by being packed with 4GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 500GB.


The Acer Ferrari One 201 is a product of technology and innovation the driving force behind Acer and Ferraris combined efforts to create a laptop that is fast, ultra-lightweight and ultra-mobile.

As the netbook dictates the Acer Ferrari One is a Ferrari of the netbook world, a fast, fun and good looking netbook to have stored away in your garage.

The first thing you’ll notice are its looks, whilst navigating the countryside in a supercar might be beyond your means, navigating the net in similar style definitely isn’t. If you want to turn heads and surf the internet with speed and with ease then this is certainly your laptop, ideal for those who need to work on the go.

Our Verdict

However, beauty is not the only criteria that it has been designed with as it is superbly practical too. The crystal clear 11.6” screen is slightly larger than those you will find in a netbook and thus gives the user amazing visuals without compromising on mobility. The slight increase size has also allowed Acer to fit the Ferrari with a keyboard with which the keys are actually larger than those on a standard desktop keyboard enabling the user to talk to friends and surf faster than ever before.

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