Acer Timeline 5810T Review

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Even though this laptop looks the part it unfortunately doesn’t perform. However, it is very light and portable considering it houses a 15.6 inch screen and incorporates a number of features. Furthermore, the long battery life helps for those long and tiresome cramming sessions in the library. In essence, we have an affordable all-purpose laptop that we can carry around without having to pack the charger. However, a more powerful laptop could be found within this price range.


A 15.6inch portable laptop that is truly portable, surely not. Well think again the Acer 5810T boasts a weight of a mere 2.4kg. This isn’t everything either, the 5810T boasts a battery life of around 8 hours as a result it is truly a laptop that can be used all day, every day.


It runs Windows Vista smoothly thanks to the somewhat average Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 1.4GHz processor and thanks to the 3GB of RAM running multiple applications is a breeze. However, it is not able to run any form of gaming that is the slightest bit demanding due to the Intel GMA 4500MHD but media-playback isn’t a problem and the built-in speakers offer a more than average sound quality.
The 5810T comes with a HDMI output, amongst other things such as 4 USB ports, a VGA port, an Ethernet port and a DVD RW multi drive, which means if you have a HD TV you can play your movies on the big screen.
If you’re looking at this laptop as more of a work companion than entertainment wizard then it is certainly ideal as the long battery life comes in handy when you’re in the library cramming those last few hours before the big final. However, it doesn’t come with optional 3G so internet connectivity will have to be found some other way.


However, the biggest problem we could find with this laptop was its keyboard. The keys are flat and are all closely packed so miss typing is prone. However, the keys are nice and big but overall the keyboard certainly takes a lot getting used to. The trackpad has multi-touch functionality which is normally found in higher end laptops.


The Acer Aspire 5810T is certainly the perfect companion if you’re not looking to do anything strenuous such as high-end gaming. With the combination of weight, screen size, portability and large battery life this laptop is certainly good wherever you take it.

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