Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation 8GB/16GB Review

What We Think

A small, nifty, light and reasonably priced iPod Nano and is a great addition to the Apple range. Another benefit is with the release of the new iPod Nano older generations will drop in price and even though they won’t feature the latest technology they will certainly be as good.


The first impressions of the new iPod Nano is its sheer size and weight. It’s now 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its previous version. It looks more like an iPod Shuffle if it wasn’t for the new 1.5inch colour display with the latest in multi-touch technology.

As always the entire range is available in an array of colours. However, as a result of being shrunk to a truly nano size it loses its capability to record video and playback video in what use to be barely acceptable. However, the new Multi-Touch technology gives you the same technology, obviously stripped down to size, that makes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so much fun to play with.


However, with the inclusion of a clip on the back of the iPod Nano it takes away the unique ability of the iPod Shuffle but does give the Nano an extra selling feature. However, as with all iPods it still features the built-in 30-pin connector allowing you to plug your iPod Nano into a number of accessories, speakers and chargers.


The new Nano features multi-touch technology, swiping left or right allows you to see your additional icons and to turn home you can simply press and hold anywhere on the screen. However, with the removal of a clickable button the ability to skip a track without looking or taking your iPod out of your pocket or bag.


The iPod Nano performs as you would expect, effortless to use and easy enough to just stick it in your pocket and get on with your day.Another great and built in feature is the FM Radio with the ability for LivePause which can be seen by a simple left swipe and saved as a favourite by a quick tap of the star in the bottom left hand corner.a favourite by a quick tap of the star in the bottom left hand corner.

Our Verdict

The 6th Generation iPod Nano features some great features is incredibly small and light and is a perfect companion to store and play your music collection wherever you go.

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