Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Generation

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If you’re after a companion to keep you company whilst you’re going on your jog but don’t want to spend £129 for a 6th Generation iPod Nano then this is the one for you. However, if you’re after a music player that is small but stores more than 2GB the iPod Nano would be a better purchase


The latest iPod Shuffle from Appl efeatures some of the latest technologies in a much loved piece of gadgetry.


For some it is a heart warming gesture to see that Apple have not entirely removed the iconic clickable wheel but it is smaller and lighter than ever at a weight of 12.5g and the dimensions are 29.0mm x 31.6mm x 8.7mm.


The iPod Shuffle does not feature a screen.


The new technology of VoiceOver technology, on the click of a button, will tell you the artist, name of the song and the name of the playlist. The new VoiceOver technology even tells you when your battery needs charging. The battery and power of this iPod Shuffle lasts up to 15 hours and in three hours will be fully charged. The VoiceOver technology doesn’t stop there either it speaks 25 languages, including Italian, Japanese and Korean, and the downloads for the VoiceOver kit are free.

If you’ve created a playlist in perfect order and want your Shuffle to go through it methodically then there’s a button for that simply make sure its in the middle and your playlist will be played in order. If you’re feeling lucky then flick the switch to the left and the Shuffle will shuffle your music and if you’re feeling that you want to stop all this fun then flick it to the right and it’ll turn off.


The iPod Shuffle, even though restricted by its mere 2GB storage capability, is the perfect companion if you’re after something to simply play your music or accompany you on those long jogs.

However, if you’re after a bigger storage capability the iPod Nano will be a better purchase.

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