Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation Review

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Very much a downgraded iPhone 4 and incorporating some of the best technologies from the iPhone 4 such as FaceTime and Retina display, it is a seriously impressive piece of kit and is an all-in-one mobile entertainment device without call capabilities. This is a gadget killer.


The iPod Touch is simply a gadget killer. Honestly, we could leave the review at that but that wouldn’t help anyone. The iPod Touch looks, at face value, to be very much like an iPhone 4 and in a number of ways it is.


It looks amazing with a thickness of 7.2mm and a weight of 101 grams carrying this around with you in your pocket won’t drag you down or make your pocket bulge.

Furthermore, the iPod Touch has the capability to go up to 64GB of internal storage. However, quite oddly, Apple have skipped from 8GB straight to 32GB rather than creating a 16GB model or even removing the 8GB iPod Touch and featuring the 16GB version. Nonetheless, anyone who wanted to purchase a 16GB iPod Touch will not be able to do so, not much of a problem though.



The iPod Touch includes some of the greatest and latest technologies to be also featured in the iPhone 4 and the iPad such as Retina Display giving you 326 pixels per inch and each pixel being 78 micrometres across as a result your human eye cannot distinguish between the individual pixels. In plain English, if you haven’t already witnessed this phenomena, text is incredibly sharp, movies are vivid and photos are crisp.


Internal one of the biggest changes to the iPod Touch is the integration of the Apple A4 processor an efficient and powerful processor that supports multi-tasking, video editing and FaceTime.

Similarly to the iPhone 4 the gyroscope and accelerometer have been tweaked and the iPod Touch is capable of advanced motion sensing, greater precision and simply a better, greater and more rewarding gaming experience.

Even though neither camera on the iPod Touch features a flash which is a bizarre move by Apple they do support 720p HD video recording and FaceTime so I suppose we can live without a flash, even though if you plan on taking photos in dark lighting they may not come out so great.


Overall, this is very much a gadget killer but it is also a downgraded iPhone 4 featuring some of its best technologies. However, if you’re after an all in one mobile entertainment device this is most likely to be the one.

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