Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Mid 2013) Review

What We Think

If you’re after the thinnest laptop possible with the most battery life then this may very well be an option. However, the money required to purchase the Apple’s iconic ultra portable laptop can be put to better use. Remember performance is often better than style.


The mid-2013 Apple MacBook Air 11-inch is the latest regurgitation of Apple’s ultra portable laptop. If you ever owned or have any knowledge of previous Apple Mac Book Air laptops one will realise the latest addition retains most of the expected features. However, there are some improvements in terms of its hardware and performance.


The mid-2013 MacBook Air 11-inch retains the look and feel of its predecessor and weighs in at just over 1kg at 1.06kg and is 0.68inches at its thickest point. This makes it an extremely lightweight laptop, perfect for commuters and those wishing not to body build whilst on their commute.

In terms of exterior features the mid-2013 MacBook Air 11-inch includes all of the usual: a comfortable and easy to use backlit keyboard, responsive multi-touch track pad, webcam above the screen and the much loved and beautifully designed one-piece aluminium construction.

Furthermore, on the sides you’ll find two USB 3.0 ports, a Thunderbolt port and now two holes for the dual microphones. On the other hand, you will realise there is still no HDMI port nor is there an Ethernet port. However, HDMI and Ethernet adapters can be bought separately.

Apart from the dual mic setup all of the other upgrades are interior. The standard MacBook Air comes with 128GB of Flash storage space, which is twice as much as last year’s 64GB.


The screen is bright and clear, as you would expect from any MacBook and will not disappoint. However, Apple have not upgraded from the standard 1,366 by 768 resolution. This adds to the list of reasons why those interested in purchasing the mid-2013 MacBook Air 11-inch should consider its larger partner the mid-2013 MacBook Air 13-inch which features a higher 1,440 by 900 resolution screen or even the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch which features Apple’s Retina Display. Then again laptops such as the Sony Vaio Pro 11 incorporate 1,920 by 1,080 full HD 1080p screens and should be considered before buying into the Apple family.


The mid-2013 MacBook Air 11-inch comes with a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4250U processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of Flash storage. The 4th generation processor is designed for better 3D performance as well as extending battery life. However, the processor clocks in at 1.3GHz which is 0.4GHz down from last year’s model.

Our Verdict

For the amount you’re paying many will ask why there isn’t a HDMI port or an Ethernet port or why Apple hasn’t upgraded the screens resolution. In short the Apple MacBook Air is all about style and incorporates the minimal performance for such a price. Unless super-portability is a must would urge you to consider the 13-inch model which is ultimately a better buy.

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