Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is a stand out winner among browsers. It is quick and convenient, and rarely struggles when browsing, and the synchronization with an Android phone through a Google account is infinitely useful.

As the king of the internet, Google has produced a browser that matches its own status.

For me, Google Chrome beats its competitors, like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet explorer, hands down.


Chrome is also available on Mac OS x and Linux, as well as Windows, and comes as standard on Chromebooks. The browser will automatically update in the background, handily avoiding any inconveniences.

Chrome opens for the first time on a login page. You don’t need an account to use the browser at all, however, if you have a Google account, you may as well login as it will automatically synch up your bookmarks and preferences across devices.


Running with a very minimalist design, Chrome is very uncluttered, leaving the optimum amount of window size devoted to displaying the webpage. You can shrink it even more by removing the bookmark toolbar.

Instead of the traditional search bar, Chrome combined the URL box and the search box, so that it saves valuable screen real estate, and one box will serve both URLs and general keyword searching.
Overall, the browser is clean, simple, and efficient.


Chrome has Adobe Flash built into it, which means you do not always have to install the newest updates manually as they will do so in the background, just as Chrome itself updates without you noticing.

There should be no security issues when this happens, as Chrome runs the program as an isolated program, meaning that your computer shouldn’t be at risk of dangerous files.

Chrome also has a PDF reader, which will also make your user experience easier. Reading and printing PDF’s through it is very easy, although it can’t be used (at time of writing) to edit them. Chrome has great support for Adobe products, which helps make the applications safer, more secure, and easy to use.

Web apps and extensions

Installing web apps is also easy. It is just a case of going onto the webstore, searching, finding the app you want and clicking install. Some need to be paid for, but there are many that are free.

Chrome has an extensive library of apps, which together can do pretty much anything, for any user. They range from newspaper apps from big name daily papers, or games that you can run in-browser.


Chrome has been the benchmark for all web browsers since its launch in 2008. It started off by having excruciating fast JavaScript performance. For its time it was the most advanced browser for its time. Since then other browsers have come a long way, but Chrome still seems to be the leading browser.


Google have led the way in internet use, raising the standard across both mobile and computer browsing. A fast, clean, efficient and easy to use browser is the result of all of Google’s efforts, and I am sure they will continue to innovate and spread their expertise.

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