Google Chrome Review

Chrome has become the leader between modern browsers, competing against Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Chrome has a whole host of features, such as apps and themes. Lately Chrome also implemented voice chat, so instead of typing you can now speak to your computer. Chrome surpasses most bench marks on other popular browsers, but the reason of this is due to it using up more processing power. Google take privacy very important, once your new installation has finished it will show you the login page. This is to protect your data for prying eyes.

Google Chrome is one of the easiest applications to install, it can take as little as a minute depending on your computers specifications. No system restart will be needed, and no manual to understand how to use it. Chrome is also available on Mac OS x and Linux, as well as windows. Chrome will automatically update in the background, not causing any inconveniences when using it.

When you first start up Chrome you will be greeted by a login page, don’t be feared though, it is not compulsory to own an account to use chrome, just simply open a new tab. Having a google account is worth it though, it allows you to sync your favourites, if you log into your account on another computer and has a whole host of other features.

Installing web apps is also easy, it’s simple. Simply go onto the web store and find what you want to install. The Chrome web store has a whole host of different plugins, this could be from The Guardian newspaper to a lifestyle app.

Chrome was one of the first web browsers with a bare minimum interface, all other web browsers have followed this trend since Chrome has been such a big hit. Minimum interfaces leave more room for you to see more of the webpage itself. The interface is clean and useful.

Chrome has Adobe Flash built into chrome, which is rather unique, instead of having to always install the newest updates manually. The updates will not affect you, as they will install in the background. Many of the security issues have been removed due to chrome running the plugin in an isolated program. This won’t let dangerous files have access to your computers route file. Chrome also has a PDF reader, this will also make your user experience easier. The PDF reader allows you to also print the PDF document. Chrome has great support for adobe products, they also make the applications safer.

Chrome has an extensive library of different extensions for everyone, they can anything from a light read of the daily newspapers to ad blocking software that will stop any ads displaying on pages. Once you had downloaded Chrome extensions a widget image will be display in the top bar of the page for easy accessibility. There has been some complaints about having extensions when using incognito mode. Supposedly they do not display when using incognito mode. Don’t let that be off putting though, you will most likely never use incognito mode.

Chrome has been the benchmark for all web browsers since its launch in 2008. It started off by having excruciating fast JavaScript performance. For its time it was the most advanced browser for its time. Since then other browsers have come a long way, but Chrome still seems to be the leading browser.

Googles ground breaking work has affected how computers and the web is used today, maybe if they hadn’t have done this ground breaking work we could still have slow web browsers with clattered web browsers. Google is still innovating and expanding their product throughout the world.

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