Ultimate Ears 6000 Headphones

What we think

The UE 6000 is an impressive pair of headphones at an equally impressive price. With a stylish look linking DJ, gaming, and regular headphone designs together, it provides a strong audio quality as well as comfort, without costing a fortune.


With a cool, sharp, modern look, the UE 6000 has a very nice design. It looks sleek and expensive thanks to its predominantly black and grey colour-scheme, with an option of either white or black on the speaker housing.

Overall, the headphones are slightly on the heavy side, but we rarely feel they are uncomfortably heavy, and you will quickly adjust to the extra weight. This is probably due to a nice soft padding on the headband, and the big mass padding of the ear pads themselves, resulting in a comfortable pair of headphones overall.

You can easily accommodate for your head size by altering the length of the extendable headband, which is incredibly easy to do; simply put them on your head and pull the earphones down if needed, or push them back up if necessary.


  • Comfortable
  • Noise reducing system
  • Folding design
  • Good quality aux cable


  • Slight background static
  • Noise reducer needs batteries


  • Performance:4 out of 5 stars
  • Features:4 out of 5 stars
  • Design: 3 out of 5 stars
  • Value:4 out of 5 stars
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Very conveniently, the headphones are collapsible. When you take them off and need them to take up less space, you simply push each earphone inwards, and they fold smoothly together into the curve of the headband.

It’s also very useful that the UE 6000 has a removable cable (a 3.5mm jack), because as many audiophiles know, headphone wires can often break. Being unable to replace the wire in a set of headphones can therefore be infuriating, as it will completely ruin the set and you must purchase some new ones instead. However, with these headphones, if there is an issue with the cable, you will be able to get yourself a new one and save yourself a fair amount of money.

The cable also allows iPhone users to control aspects such as volume, and even features a microphone so you can make calls if you want to, a nice addition but a shame it is iPhone-compatible only.

A great piece of design which often gets forgotten is the length of the cable that comes with headphones. Most of us know the struggle of headphone wires being too short when plugged into a computer or phone, meaning you either have to sit in a less comfortable position, or having them tug on your ears as you move. However, the cable for the UE 6000 is about 1.5m long, meaning you rarely have to worry about whether it will reach from where it is plugged in, to where you are.

Also available with this product is a well-designed carry pouch, which zips up and protects the headphones during travel. The headphones fit perfectly in it once folded up, meaning you can be confident the cable will not be bent inside the pouch, and that the pouch will not take up too much room in your bag.

The main downside is the UE 6000 does not have Bluetooth wireless capability.

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Sound quality

Quite simply, the sound quality is great, as you’d expect with the jump up from basic budget headphones.

With a large deal of attention paid to the lower frequencies, deep bass fans will relish using this product. Although tracks with a big amount of bass may end up being quite overwhelming for listeners after a while, generally the strong bass always improves the sound of the majority of songs, especially with rock, hip hop and modern pop tracks.

The majority of songs have clear, sharp vocals, whilst also maintaining a strong sound throughout.
The volume range on the UE 6000 is staggering too. Even when we cranked the volume up all the way, there was no noticeable distortion, and it will go loud enough that they can even use it as a makeshift speaker, albeit in a small location.

Noise cancellation

There is a small switch located on the right earphone, which when moved to the ‘On’ position, enables the electronic noise cancellation feature, which blocks out external noise so that you only hear what’s playing through your headphones. For this to work, you must have two AAA batteries inserted into the left earphone (as the power transferred through the audio cable is not sufficient), opened by pressing a discreet black button at the bottom of the earphone.

While not perfect, we cannot deny that when activated, the vast majority of outside noise is blocked out. Unfortunately, if the noise cancellation is activated but no music is playing, there is a perceptible amount of fuzzy noise, generated by the electronics ticking over. When the music is playing, however, the noise cancellation is great. As I type this, wearing the headphones with the feature turned on, I cannot hear the taps of the keys on my laptop. Thankfully, you can still listen to music if the batteries die, albeit with more outside noise bleeding through.

One issue we have noticed is that if the switch is in a certain position, it can result in music only playing out of one earphone, or even neither. Obviously this is not great, and caused understandable panic the first time it happened, but in defence to Ultimate Ears, this only occurred a long time down the line, and it is fixed by simply fiddling with the switch a little bit, as it is more down to wear and tear.

This switch is in a bit of an annoying position, and it can be hard to find by touch alone. It took quite a while of wearing before we could locate the switch intuitively, and often ended up having to take them off to turn on the noise cancellation feature.


Originally available for £170, we would say that price was a bit too expensive. For not much more, you could enter the seriously impressive headphone range, whilst if you were on more of a budget you could get headphones for quite a lot less, but only slightly worse in terms of quality.

However, currently on Amazon they are available for £78 which we think is a brilliant price, as they are very good headphones, and very durable too which makes it a worthwhile investment of your money.


Whilst we wouldn’t claim the Ultimate Ears 6000 is the best pair of headphones in the world, we think they should not be overlooked by anyone looking to move up from the low-budget range of headphones out there, especially as they are now available at a very reasonable price.

Simply put, the sound quality is fantastic, with the great clarity making sure everything is clear. Although occasionally overwhelming, the bass is very nice and powerful, and the noise cancellation switch helps to close out any irritating noises, allowing you to admire the music properly.

We love the design, with it looking more expensive than it actually is, and its ability to not look out of place if you were DJing or gaming is a big plus. Being able to fold the earphones in is very convenient, as is the carry pouch you can get with it. Overall we’re very happy with the UE 6000 headphones.

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