XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones Review

The XQISIT iE200 magnetic Bluetooth in-ear headphones are very clever, allowing users to clip the ear pieces together via magnets, to both pause the music and prevent the earphones from falling away when they aren’t in your ears, which is incredibly useful.

What we think

They block out external sound well, and are a brilliantly clever design, being able to connect the pieces together when they aren’t in your ears. However, the sound quality isn’t very good, and as a result of this the price doesn’t seem like great value for money.


  • Magnets work great
  • Clever and useful design
  • Good Bluetooth performance
  • Sweatproof


  • Poor sound quality
  • Gathers dust quite easily
  • Bit complicated to use
  • Not great value for money


  • Performance:2.5 out of 5 stars
  • Features:5 out of 5 stars
  • Design: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Value:2.5 out of 5 stars
Overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars


The clever design is what will appeal most to people, with the ingenious magnetic feature being incredibly useful. Those who have used wireless Bluetooth earphones before will know the struggle of taking them out your ears, and having them fall off your shoulders to the floor, unless you put them somewhere or hold onto them, neither of which are always convenient.

I tend to wear wireless earphones when I’m outside running, so if I ever want to take them out, there is a risk that they will fall into the mud, which isn’t helpful to say the least. XQISIT have solved this problem by allowing you to connect the two ear buds together, using the magnets on the backs of each ear bud.

This secures the earphones around your neck (safely), preventing them from falling off and also meaning you don’t need to hold onto them. What’s even better is that connecting the ear buds together pauses your music, saving you from having to fiddle around with the multi-function button (MFB), or your phone.

After you have connected the magnets around your neck, all you need to do is separate them again when you are ready to continue listening, and the music will resume, after around two seconds. This stop/start feature is very useful, meaning I don’t miss any music from my playlist.

The earphones themselves are very light, weighing just 16g, and the wire is a nice convenient length, around 75cm long from one ear bud to the other.

The box contains three different sets of ear buds (small, medium and large), as well as a very short Micro USB cable to charge the headphones.

Towards one ear bud, the battery pack is integrated with the wire, while you will find the MFB integrated near the other ear bud. You can use this piece to increase the volume by tapping the plus button, or decrease the volume by pressing the minus button. Holding the plus button down will skip to the next song, while holding the minus button will go back.

Thankfully, the box also includes instructions, because the amount of options available with these earphones is quite hard to keep track of. There are a number of ways to handle phone calls, which are each very useful, but I struggled to remember them. After a decent amount of time using the earphones, I did eventually got the hang of it, but it was rather time-consuming.

Even with the instructions, I found that connecting the earphones to my phone via Bluetooth was difficult, and even when I finally got it to work I wasn’t entirely sure what I had done, so I think this could have been simplified by XQISIT.

XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones


First and foremost, the earphones work properly, with a number of useful features. The Bluetooth connectivity has worked very well throughout, and has a very impressive range, working as far as 10m away from my phone. This is great as it means I can leave my phone charging, for example, as I walk around the house with no loss of signal.

Unfortunately however, I think the sound quality is poor, and I think earphones should always ultimately be judged on their sound quality, so this impacts their rating quite significantly. I have found that there is too much treble when listening to my music, and in short the earphones sound as if they are cheap (which they are not, really).

The sound isolation on the BT iE200 earphones is pretty good, I have no complaints. There are earphones out there which block out pretty much all external noise, but these will definitely be fine. Wearing the earphones while cutting the grass with a noisy petrol lawnmower, they blocked out the majority of the lawnmower’s noise, which I was very pleased about.

I wore these earphones for a gym session and found they actually stayed in my ears better than a pair of earphones which were designed specifically for sport, which was great. Being able to clip them securely around my neck was also really helpful, as I have no pockets on my sports kits.


The built-in 60mAH Lithium battery has a battery life of up to 3.5 hours of music, a talk time of up to 4 hours, and a standby time of up to 150 hours (about six days), which isn’t too bad, but I would hope for at least 5 hours of music playback from headphones, personally.

When the battery level is low, a small LED on the control box will flash red. To charge the battery, connect the Micro USB cable (which is supplied) to the Micro USB port and a computer or laptop port. While the battery is charging, the LED will remain red, before turning blue when it is fully charged. It takes around two hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100 per cent.


The BT iE200 earphones currently cost £49.99 from Boots, which is quite expensive for the sound quality. I would probably pay as much as £80 for these if XQISIT could make the sound quality good, because the design really is excellent, and I can see many people finding them useful.

However, as things stand I would not pay more than £25 for these – half their retail price – especially as I have bought numerous earphones for around £10 which sound much better than these do.

You can purchase the earphones from Boots here.


The XQISIT BT iE200 earphones really are some of the smartest headphones that I’ve come across. I love the magnetic feature, especially because of the fact that connecting the ear buds pauses the music, and then starts again when I separate them.

My old wireless headphones would be a hassle whenever I needed to take them out of my ears, as they would either fall off from around my neck, need holding onto, or need to go in my pocket. But, with these magnetic ones I can just secure them (safely) around my neck, pausing the music automatically too.

Unfortunately though I felt the sound quality left a lot to be desired, especially for the price they are. I’ve bought a cheap ’emergency’ pair at an airport for a flight once, and found them to sound much better than these ones do, so improvements need to be made in this area for me to award a higher score.

For £50 I would look elsewhere, in spite of how useful these ones are, purely because of the sound quality. The fact they gather a fair bit of dust on the ear buds and control box is also irritating. If the sound quality on these was improved, it would be a definite contender for five stars, and could even go up in price.

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