League of Legends Review


League of legends was one of the first free to play (F2P) online strategy game, or also commonly known as a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena). League of Legends has a whole array of champions to pick from, all with different ability’s, some ranged, and others melee, and of course the dreaded champions who can cast magic spells. This game caters for everyone due to the vast skill sets of different champions. The game is intensely strategic, for-example once in game there is a shop to buy weapons, armour, and health potions. Throughout the game your champion will gain more money, allowing you to buy items from the shop, by doing this your champion will become stronger.
League of legends has different types of game modes, these are hosted on different maps, but the most favorited game mode is on the map “Summoner’s Rift”. This map has three different lanes, for the champions to defend, and intertwine the lanes there is a jungle. The jungle is a dangerous place, due to there being wild grass everywhere, the wild grass acts as camouflage so from afar you won’t see enemy champions waiting to pounce on you. Be wary though, League of Legends is very strict against rule breaks. They have multiple ways of dealing with rule breakers depending on the offence. Normally you can be banned for a week, sometimes you have to wait twenty minutes before a game due to you leaving games as if the game becomes 4v5 it can destroy the whole game.
If you want it is possible to buy the champions for real money, also each individual champion has a set of skins that you can purchase, the price for these vary depending on how rare the skin is. Each of them come with different spell effects, allowing for a different experience each time. Unlike most games League of Legends has something called champion rotation. The rotation system selects 10 new champions each week to be free, so even if you haven’t unlocked them yet it gives you a chance to see if you like them before you purchase the champion.
Sadly League of Legends doesn’t have Voice chat, but you can use third party software to chat to team mates, some of the best chat clients are: TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Skype. League does have a chat feature, with two options of speaking either just to your team or by speaking to everyone. To access this feature press the letter “T” on your keyboard, if wanting to speak to the other team once on the chat box you can put “/all” allowing you to speak globally within the game. Remember don’t be abusive though, as League of Legends are very strict when it comes to rule breakers.
Once the game has ended you will be awarded with XP (experience points) and IP which is the virtual currency. The experience points will help you advance to the next level, the highest level is 30.  Once reaching level 30 you will be allowed to enter ranked matches. Ranked is a very competitive area. Build your way up through the ranks, and be the best. IP points are the games currency, these points allow you to purchase in game bonuses and champions. The average game is between 20-60 minutes, but the league team have implemented the surrender option, allowing the team to end if it’s not going their way. If the team is wanting to surrender you have to wait at least twenty minutes just so you can’t abuse the system.

The map Summoners Rift is beautifully detailed, with stunning HD graphics to indulge in. Don’t worry though, the map has been optimised for different computers, you can still run this game on a low end laptop at around 25-40 FPS (Frames per a Second). Listed below are the minimum specifications to rune League of legends:
CPU Speed: 2GHZ. Recommended to have a 3GHZ processor.
RAM: 1GB. Recommended at least 4GB of RAM if running windows 7.
OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7.
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 / AMD Radeon HD 5670 (At least 512MB of Video Memory).
Free Disk Space: 12GB.

If you’re looking for the latest strategy game, this could be the one for you. The game is constantly getting updated, the champion’s power are all equal, so one character can’t defeat all with one hit.

Even though you play with the same champions and the same maps, you will not get bored of this game. Every game is different, you will never know the outcome. Learning how to control the champions is important, as everyone wants to be an asset to the team. Once you understand the games mechanics it is incredibly satisfying.

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