Average laptop contents actually worth half a million

The average laptop is stuffed full of data worth more than £500,000.

In the survey, carried out by Symantec, 78 per cent of laptop users across Europe, Middle East and Africa stated that the data on their device is of “substantial value” in terms of “intellectual property or commercially sensitive information”, with users slapping an average estimate being in the region of £550,000 mark.

Some respondents claimed that the data on their mobile device was worth as much as £5 million.

The study also highlights that only 42 per cent of companies automatically back up employees email on laptops. The majority (45 per cent) actually leave the back up duties to the user themselves.

According to the study, 80 per cent of respondents were under the misconception that their employer had a safe copy of all the emails on their PC.

The results where taken from 1,700 quantitative interviews with general employees and IT managers with responsibility for their company’s email system.

“It’s alarming that executives have mobile devices containing data of such financial value and that very little is being done to protect the information on them. The research shows that only a few organisations have measures in place to retrieve this information if their laptop is lost or stolen, which is very worrying,” said Lindsey Armstrong, senior vice president EMEA at Symantec.