Intel drops 37 year old logo

Intel is rebranding for the New Year, ditching the famous “Intel Inside” campaign for a new logo and a “Leap ahead” catchphrase. According to Intel, 2006 is a leap year. Even though it’s not, 2008 is the next leap year.

The original Intel Corp logo featuring a lowered “e” will be replaced with one showing an oval swirl surrounding the company’s name.

Intel said that although the “Intel Inside” tagline will disappear, it will retain a marketing programme with that name.

Chief executive Paul Otellini is set to unveil details of the campaign during next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Intel is counting on the consumer appetite for digital media and networking to drive its business as the PC market slows.

The brand overhaul also puts a new face on an internal shift accelerated since Mr Otellini took the helm of the company in May.

“This takes the brand strategy and aligns it with the business strategy that has been under way at Intel for several years,” said company spokesman Bill Calder.