The Lamborghini laptop series

Asus today announced a partnership with Italian automobile maker Lamborghini that will result in a specially branded series of laptops with the car company’s logo.

The Lamborghini laptop line-up will include glossy black and yellow machines, which, Asus claims, “With the look alone, exude power, speed, strength and beauty.”

The Asus Lamborghini series will be based on the platform now known as Centrino Duo, previously codenamed Napa.

They look quite swish, with some sharp-looking angular features that give them a certain futuristic quality, which broadly matches the car company’s own design philosophy.

Asus claimed the Lamborghini laptops are special editions, but unlike their namesake sports cars, they’re going to be mass-produced.

Though details of specifications and pricing are not available at the moment, Asus implied that they would be high-end models, reflecting the prestige and status associated with the Lamborghini name.

“With unique mobile technology from Asus and Lamborghini’s cutting-edge industrial designs… [they] provide a breath of fresh air [compared with] the boring looks of existing portable PCs,” said Tony Chen, director of Asus notebook business.

In short, a bit like Acer’s Ferrari-branded notebook line-up, which the Asus-Lamborghini deal mirrors precisely.

The laptops are due to go on sale in the UK at some time during March.