New Flybook ultraportable laptops

Holbe Dialogue UK has unveiled two new Flybook ultraportable laptops, the V23i and the V33i. As well as featuring the new Intel processors, both V Series Flybooks include a fast EDGE Internet connection that can run at the equivalent of 3G data speeds on many GSM networks.

They’re still very small, but the internal working has been improved for 2006. The new Flybooks feature Intel’s 1.1GHz Pentium M Processor and Celeron 600MHz M Processor on the V33i and V23i models respectively. Replacing the old Transmeta Crusoe processor of the 2005 A33i model. The 8.9 inch wide-view TFT touchscreen uses a 64MB ATI Radeon graphics interface, and rotates to provide tablet PC functionality.

Further changes include faster data connections with 54 mbps Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and the addition of EDGE technology to accompany the GPRS/GSM capabilities of the Flybook. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) provides data speeds of up to 236.8 kbps.

The new Flybook models have also been restyled, with a new matt finish for the exterior, and a number of design updates for the keyboard, buttons and proprietary software.

The FlyBook V series V33i and V23i are set to bring the luxuries of home or the office, on the go, like never imagined before.

The standard three cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery offers around 3 hours continuous usage, and with a six cell Li-Ion battery available as an option, this increases to 6 hours usage.