AMD 28nm Graphics to Arrive in HD7000m Series

Ever heard of a notebook graphics series named after geographical areas in London – well AMD has just released such a thing. The three different chips are codenamed Chelsea, Heathrow and Wimbledon, after the London areas.

The new chips are expected to come in a variety of processors for notebooks in the coming months, alongside a variety of processors in the Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge area.

The new chips will be part of the Direct X 11.1x compatible Radeon HD 7000 series – the Radeon HD 7700M (Chelsea) 7800M (Heathrow) and 7900M (Wimbledon). All three chips have support for HD3D and HDMI 1.4a They are also a lot more economical on power than previous chips and use less than 1W of power when not being used. This is done by switching down cores when not in use and changing to integrated graphics when they are needed.

All three of the chips are based on the Southern Island Architecture, which AMD recently showcased in its Radeon HD7970  chip. This chip is based on the 28nm process. This chip is very similar to the AMD Radeon HD 7870 in spec. The chips have a 1280 steam processor an 850mhz clock and 2GB of GDDR5 RAM .It is also purported to support up to six displays.

The first device to get the chip as an option is the Alienware M17x and in tests is claimed to have run very well, even in the case of the lower level chips. The chips are also said to fit into smaller laptops than before and AMD expect them to appear in over 200 laptops, so we should be expecting to hear plenty about them in the near future.