Microsoft transition from Hotmail to Outlook attracts 1million users in 6 hours

Microsoft have managed to attrack over 1 million users to their new and improved site in little over 6 hours.
Microsoft’s bid to stop the likes of the iPad maintaining a strong hold over the tablet market via the creation of the Surface tablet range is the same ethos behind Microsoft trying to improve hotmail in order to stop users jumping ship to Google’s rather popular and more respected Gmail accounts.
The changes that accompany the transition to outlook is the new e-mail address – Users with an address can upgrade to in order to keep their existing e-mail address.
Microsoft are certainly trying to up the ante, for their new e-mail service will soon integrate Skype in a bid to rival google’s Talk service.
However, there is still a worry that a sufficent buzz has not been created in order to stop account holders from switching to rival e-mail services.