Microsoft could take over the tablet market with their $199 tablet

An “inside source” has told Engadget that Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet will only be $199, $300 cheaper than the Apple iPad.  If this “inside source” is true, then Microsoft could take over the tablet market very quickly.
Onuora Amobi of writes, “I am skeptical of this story for one reason and one reason only – it would be so brilliant that it would be inconsistent with the moves Microsoft have been making.”
“At $199, it would be sold out on day one and would create huge Windows 8 buzz on day one. It would get Windows 8 into the homes of millions of adults, children and students immediately,” Amobi continued.
At $199 the tablet would be almost too good to pass up, and would almost certainly be a huge sales success. The problem might be that once Microsoft sets the bar at $199 customers may hesitate at higher prices down the road, which could be an issue for both Microsoft and its partners.
On the contrary, if Microsoft wants to take over the tablet market, this would seem to be the fastest, easiest move to make, but only for themselves, not their partners.