Blackberry 10 operating system launch delayed

Research in Motion, the makers of the Blackberry smartphone, have announced that their much anticipated operating system Blackberry 10 will be launched in the first quarter of 2013 rather than at some point this year.

Furthermore, to make matters worse Research in Motion have also announced that they will be cutting around 5,000 jobs. This is as a result of the company losing over £334million in the last three months alone.

The astonishing loss has much to do with the fierce smartphone rivlary that Blackberry is part of. Blackberry have had to compete against Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android operating system as well as HTC and Samsung smartphones. In addition, Blackberry’s Playbook tablet struggled to find a space on the tablet market.

Overall, it seems that the Blackberry smartphone is up against fierce competition and it is likely that Research in Motion will have to cut further jobs in the future due to tremendeous losses.