DNSChanger forces FBI to shut off servers

Nearly half a million people, including users in the UK, could face loss of access to the internet as the FBI starts to shut down servers in order to stop cyber thieves.

The servers came under FBI control back in November 2011 in a series of raids that were part of breaking up a gang of criminals who used malware to infect over four million internet users.

The cyber thieves simply re-routed the individuals web serches through these server so that the internet user saw adverts that led to the gang being paid. Unfortunately, many of those affected still contain malicious malware that is spreading and threatening to edited DNS settings.

Since then the FBI have worked with ISPs and whittled down the 4 million affected users to just under half a million.

As a result of these servers the cyber criminals obtained a total of £9 million. As a result, in a bid to limit and hopefully stop the spread of the malware named DNSChanger the FBI by switching off servers as they clean up.

If you want to check whether your Mac or PC has been affected simply click here, and the website will let you know if you are affected or not.