OS X Mountain Lion providing more than 200 new features

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On Wednesday, 25th July 2012, tech headlines were taken over by Apple’s latest laptop-and-desktop OS, Mountain Lion 10.8.

The new OS looks very similar to its predecessor, OS X Lion. Mountain Lion just fills in all the holes, which makes the Mac experience all more beautiful.

Apple counts two hundred new features, including enhance sharing, messaging, cloud-based synchronization, security, web browsing, instant notifications, and accessibility.

Newer MacBook Airs and the new Retina display MacBook Pros keep working even when the computer is ‘asleep’. The computer will download software updates, messages, mail, notifications and much more whilst the laptop’s lid is shut and the computer’s fans are not spinning.

The main features of Mountain Lion include new apps that match iOS counterparts, extensive cloud-based sync features, heavy social sharing integration and heavy security features. Mac OS X Mountain Lion does have its flaws too. Through out the interface there are many trivial inconsistencies but they do not hinder your experience that much.