Twitter investing in to crash caused by an ‘infrastructural double-whammy’


Twitter has apologised to all tweeters for the outage on the eve of the 2012 Olympics last night.

Via the official Twitter blog, the Vice President of engineering at Twitter, Mazen Rawashdeh, recognized that the outage was caused by a coincidental dual failure of parallel systems.

‘Data centers are designed to be redundant: when one system fails (as everything does at one time or another), a parallel system takes over. What was noteworthy about today’s outage was the coincidental failure of two parallel systems at nearly the same time.’

‘I wish I could say that today’s outage could be explained by the Olympics or even a cascading bug. Instead, it was due to this infrastructural double-whammy. We are investing aggressively in our systems to avoid this situation in the future,’ he continued.

‘On behalf of our infrastructure team, we apologize deeply for the interruption you had today. Now — back to making the service even better and more stable than ever.’

Yesterday was the host to the second blackout in five weeks for Twitter. A ‘cascading bug’ swept across one of many infrastructure components at Twitter’s centers. Both times Twitter has managed to react swiftly and rectify all problems within 24 hours.