New Samsung Series 9 Premium Notebook To Launch This Weekend

Fans of Samsung laptops will be pleased to hear that the company’s new Series 9 laptop will be available to buy in the UK this Saturday (March 3) through John Lewis.

The 13-inch notebook catches the eye with its sleek aluminium finish and boasts an alarmingly thin (just 12.9mm) and light chassis. In fact, Samsung has claimed that the Series 9 is the world’s thinnest and most compact premium notebook, with the new slick and sophisticated look a “result of 33,000 hours of craftsmanship.”

Spec-wise, the device is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, holding 4GB memory as well as 125GB SSD, which offers faster web browsing and faster boot up times – its Fast Start feature reportedly gives a near instant start-up time of just 1.4 seconds.

Compared to the last Series 9, the screen has also had a resolution upgrade to 1,600 x 900 pixels and boasts very vibrant colours due to its HD+ SuperBright Plus screen.

The only downsides are the lack of an Ethernet port and optical drive, which is due to the ultra-slim design, and the price. John Lewis confirmed the premium laptop will retail at £1,199, putting it in MacBook-Air territory.

A 15-inch version, measuring 14.9mm thick and weighing just 1.59kg, will also be sold by the retailer at a later date.