Windows 8 should prove a positive step for Microsoft

Greig Schofield, business development manager at Netmetix – a Coventry-based specialist in IT service, maintenance and support – noted his company has been working with the interface for some time, adding he is personally excited by the release.
Mr Schofield explained the operating system represents a positive move for the computer giant, revealing it has been a number of years since he last felt so enthusiastic about one of the company’s releases.
Computer users might therefore share this excitement for Windows 8, especially those intending to use it through a touchscreen device, which is what it is geared up for.
Mr Schofield pointed out the system also works well without the touchscreen function, while people can choose to revert to a conventional start menu setup if they so wish.
“You have the advantage of Window 8 but can customise it to be like Windows 7 then negate that training need to some extent,” he added.