Apple Macs to receive superfast internet with next upgrade

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The next batch of Apple Macs could come with a substantial upgrade to its Wi-Fi capabilities, a new report has stated.

According to 9to5Mac, a code discovered by developers using the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 suggested faster internet speeds are being installed in the IT giant’s popular range of computers.

It was reported Macs could begin to feature Wi-Fi 802.11ac tech, which is a faster and more stable alternative to existing wireless connection standards.

This type of internet has also been referred to by networking and communication manufacturer Broadcom as 5G Wi-Fi, as on top of 1.3 gbps of superfast broadband, it also gives Wi-Fi receives a better range and allows mobile users to load web contact quicker at the same time as extending their handset’s battery life.

Consumers should keep their eyes peeled for news of the updates, especially as the MacBook range is set to receive an upgrade in the next few months.   This comes after rumours circulated in January about Apple signing a deal with Broadcom for its 802.11ac chips, but this was never confirmed.