Google expected to launch Android laptop in late 2013


According to DigiTimes Research, the IT giant’s decision to make Sundar Pichai – head of the Chrome team – handle Android development could see the company accelerate its penetration into the PC industry.

This move signifies that the Android and Chrome teams have merged, meaning all Google products could be heading down the same path.

Google has been in the notebook industry for nearly three years following the release of its Chromebook and Digitimes estimated shipments of the device could surpass one million units by the end of this year due to increased promotion.

However, the Android-based laptops would be a move away from Google’s Chrome OS in favour of the tech business’ most popular operating system.

This comes after the news the IT company announced it will start shipping the first batch of its LTE Chromebook Pixel laptops on April 8th to consumers in the US, with prices for the device beginning from $1,299 (£860).