Apple cuts MacBook Pro prices

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Apple fans are likely to be pleased to hear the tech giant has slashed the prices of its 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops by $200 (£128).

As the firm focuses on improving its high-end models, it is making its device with “retina” display available at a lower cost, with the cheaper version now costing from £1,249 for 128GB of flash storage. Meanwhile, consumers can buy the more expensive laptop – which used to set people back £1,699 – for £1,449.

While this is still a fairly hefty sum for the typical user to shell out, it’s clear to see why the MacBook range is one of the most expensive. The £1,449 laptop comes with a new 2.6GHz processor, a Core i5-3320M that “turbo-boosts” to 3.3GHz and 265GB of flash storage.

Meanwhile, the company has upgraded its 15-inch MacBook Pro with a faster 2.4GHz quad-core processor and the top-end model with a 2.7GHZ processor plus 16GB of memory.

The news comes after Apple reported a drop in sales of the laptops, shipping a total of 4.1 million in the December quarter and marking a 21 per cent decline from the previous year.