Intel introduces software controlled by human movement

Engineers at Intel have revealed they are working on software that will allow people to control laptops and computers using voice, gestures and head-and-eye movements.
At Mobile World Congress 2013, which is currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain, the company’s Barry Solomon demonstrated how developers are using the Intel technology on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines using a special depth-perception camera, Computer World UK reports.
He clipped the tool to the top of his laptop lid and connected it via a USB port, before showing how the software development kit recognised his facial expressions and movements.
Craig Hurst, Intel’s director of visual computing product management, remarked the firm is currently unsure how these developments will progress, but added it should be fascinating to watch it play out. “So far, what we’ve seen has gone beyond what we thought of originally,” he was quoted as saying.
Mr Hurst explained Intel’s visual computing unit – which was created two years ago – has become a priority for the business and last autumn, it released several toolkits to independent developers for the creation of new and unusual applications.