Windows 8 OS has low market share of 2 per cent

The adoption rate for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system (OS) is relatively low, with the platform’s market share standing at 2.26 per cent.

According to trend analytics firm Net Applications, which announced the figures, this is compared to Windows 7’s 44.46 per cent share and Windows XP’s 39.51 per cent, SlashGear reports.

However, it was discovered Windows 8 is increasing in popularity on a monthly basis and as it was only launched three months ago, it is unlikely to be lagging behind for long.

Indeed, when Microsoft rolled out Windows 7, the OS also saw a slow uptake and its market share was less than ten per cent after six months of release.

As of last Friday (February 1st), the software will also set consumers back a higher amount after the tech giant put up Windows 8 Pro prices from £25 to £189.99.

Meanwhile, Apple’s latest version of its Mountain Lion OS is ahead of Windows 8 and has a 2.44 per cent market share.

A recent online study by Toluna QuickSurveys that was cited by the Guardian also found just 39 per cent of PC users are planning to upgrade to Windows 8.