Microsoft Windows 8 Pro offer ends on February 1st

Laptop owners looking to upgrade their machines to run Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system should purchase the software sooner rather than later, as prices will go up at the beginning of February.

When the IT giant’s present offer runs out on January 31st, consumers will need pay a lot more than the current cost of £24.99 for Windows 8 Pro.

In a blog post, Microsoft claimed the upgrade price could rise by five times, with individuals in the US due to be charged $199 (£125.5) on February 1st, up from $39.

While there is no word yet how much tech users in the UK will be required to fork out, if the firm decides on the same price hike in Britain individuals will be paying more for Microsoft’s product than a 64-bit DVD of Windows 8 Pro from Ebuyer, which is priced at £114.

A promotion offering a discounted version of the Windows 8 Pro Pack – which currently costs £49.99 – is also set to come to an end at the close of January.