Microsoft in push for better touchpads

During last week’s Build 2013 conference, Microsoft announced it will work with Intel to improve touchpad technology for laptops.

There have been a significant number of complaints from both consumers and the technology world that there are few non-touchscreen alternatives to using a mouse.

But a new move from Microsoft to start working with Intel, Elan and Synaptics and invest a substantial sum of money to ensure better scrolling, zooming and texture may improve this.

While work has only just begun, James Clarke, principal program manager for Windows, remarked a tranche of devices featuring the new touchpads will likely be released in time for Christmas this year.

“Much in the same way that we made a massive improvement to touch in Windows 8, we’re improving the touch experience in Windows Blue,” he added.

Windows Blue is Microsoft’s codename for the new 8.1 update, which reintroduced the start button.

Investment in touchpads has stalled since the rise in popularity of touchscreen interfaces, but many consumers prefer to use laptops instead of tablets because of the larger screen size and easier word processing.