AMD rolls out new laptop processors

AMD has launched a new range of laptop processors that promise to deliver as much as 40 per cent more performance than the chips they are replacing.
The components, which will make their way into consumer laptops in the coming months, are code-named Richland and use x86 architecture, PC Advisor reports.
AMD says the chips are designed for use in a new breed of hybrid laptops, where the screen can be detached from the keyboard for use as a tablet. The firm says the processors open the door for use of technology such as gesture recognition, where users can control the PC by waving their hands.
In addition, it says the chips will be more power-efficient, with up to eight hours of internet browsing promised for a laptop running on a 55 watt-hour battery.
The company – which is up against chief rival Intel in the laptop processor market – also provides components for Nintendo’s Wii U games console and will manufacture chips for Sony’s recently-announced PlayStation 4, which is due to launch before the end of the year.