Asus prepares to launch Chromebook

Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Asus has announced it will release its new Chrome OS compatible laptop (Chromebook) later in 2013.
Chromebooks have become popular as Google increasingly looks to expand their enterprise to new consumers.
In an earnings call Asus chief executive Jerry Shen said: “Chromebook [sales are] good, not on the consumer side, but it’s good in the education and government side, and some for the commercial side.”
The Chrome OS-compatible laptops have been launched at a wide variety of prices and are launched at the low-to-mid end of the market – with emerging economies a target market for the product.
Lower prices are attractive to governmental and educational buyers who look to buy in bulk.
Asus recently released strong year-on-year figures showing profits had increased by 21 per cent on 2012’s first quarter, with net profits of $6.1 billion New Taiwan Dollars (£132 million) – this despite the decreasing sales of laptops and computers, which are increasingly being ignored by consumers who favour tablet devices.
Mr Shen also said the manufacturer will be investing heavily into Windows 8 tablets as they think they increasingly appeal to consumers in late 2013 through to 2014.