Acer reveals budget Chromebook

Acer has launched a cheaper version of its C720 Chromebook.

The C720-2848 is on sale for $199.99 (£124), which measures up at around 20 per cent less than the C720.

Its predecessor only the the shelves itself in October, going on sale at $249, or £199 in the UK.

Both devices share their design and specifications, with the only difference to warrant a price drop being that the C720-2848 contains half the RAM of its opposite number.

It means that users will be unable to have as many Chrome tabs open at once, however, Acer will be hoping that the cheaper model will serve as an introduction to anyone who wants to test the model out without investing a vast amount of money.

The C720-2848 boasts an 11.6-inch display, 16GB in flash storage and an Intel Haswell Celeron processor. Its battery life lasts for around eight and a half hours.

Consumers in the US have been able to purchase the device since Friday (November 15th), however, it is not yet known when the laptop will be available to buy in the UK.