iPhone 5S still out of stock around the UK

Despite pleas by networks to make enough phones available in the UK market, Apple’s latest iPhone 5S is still sold out.
O2, one of the largest contract holders and suppliers in the UK, lists some models of the smartphone as being completely sold out, while the 16GB version lists a three to six week minimum waiting time.
While this is clearly an effort by Apple to increase demand for its phone by reducing supply and creating a buzz, networks have been furious with the Cupertino-based company’s lack of communication in terms of its supply chain.
It is unclear when the situation will be resolved, but the cheaper iPhone 5C is more readily available across the country.
In fact, according to Localytics, in the US, sales of the iPhone 5S have been double those of the less expensive alternative and this shows how much people are willing to invest in new smartphones.
Apple was recently voted as the world’s most valuable brand in this year’s Interbrand top 100 list, pipping rivals Google and beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola to the honour.