Hackers steal data of 2 million Vodafone customers in Germany

A hacker managed to help himself to the personal details of 2million Vodafone customers in Germany. The hacker got access to customer names, addresses, birth dates and most worringly, bank account numbers.

The information was stolen directly off the company’s internal network. This just not only raise doubts about mobile network security but also raises questions about the internal secuirty of big corporations.

Vodafone have stated that customers should be vigiliant for phising messages that will try to extract more personal data.Yet, it seems like this is too little too late as the hacker as access to such an variety of personal details.

However, it seems that not all is lost. Vodafone state that the hacker will unlikely be able to empty bank accounts as the hacker failed to access phone numbers, credit card details, passwords or PINs.

Vodafone Germany are unable to declare where the attack took place from but they have informed the police to notify the customers affected.

A suspect has been identified and the individuals home was searched. As a result, Vodafone are able to disclose information regarding the attack.