Novena is the First Fully Open Sourced Laptop

The world’s first fully open sourced laptop is within our grasp; the Novena. Not only is its software open source, but the hardware is too, meaning all the components that make it up are as alterable as you like. If you have the know-how, you can customise and personalise this laptop to suit you.

Bunnie Huang and Sean “xobs” Cross are hardware and software developers respectively, and have worked together to build “a fully open source laptop from the ground up.”

After the fairly recent revelation by Edward Snowden that the NSA and other international intelligence agencies have been tracking our private and digital lives, these two developers are seeking to present computers that work for the user and are exactly what the user wants.

Bunnie’s motto for the project seems to be “if you can’t hack it, you don’t own it.”

True to the ‘laptops for people’ tone of the Novena project, it is a Crowd Supply backed project, that is approaching 50% of its funding goal, and will end on May 18th, and shipping will begin later this year.

The project is an expensive one however, going for quality and freedom over low prices.

Backers who pledge money can get their hands on the motherboard, the All-In-One Desktop, the Laptop, or the top quality, hand crafted wooden (and admittedly expensive) Heirloom Laptop designs.