Apple patents solar powered MacBook

Apple has been awarded a patent for a MacBook that would be powered with solar panels.

This means the laptop could be powered, or at least recharged, by natural light.

According to AppleInsider, the patent – titled ‘Electronic device display module’ – describes a special notebook display that has two sides for the lid of a laptop, such as a MacBook.

The front of the lid, which faces the user, would still have the typical display screen – but the rear would be more than just a cover.

Instead, it will be made of electrochromic glass – also known as smart glass – which can receive control signals.

The control signals can be used to place the electrochromic glass in either a light-passing state or a light-blocking state. For the former state, the rear panel would appear clear and allow images to be seen. In the latter, the interior of the display would be hidden from exterior view, so the rear panel would appear opaque.

Solar cells would be placed under this layer of glass to collect power from light.

The rear smart glass could also be used to display Apple’s logo, by incorporating another light emitting diode layer and a backlighting function.