Sony releases hybrid laptops in India

Sony has launched its Vaio Flip range of hybrid laptops in India.

The devices have a new hinge which enables the screen to be flipped over backwards and then folded back down over the keyboard, so it can be used as a tablet if so desired.

This enables the user to work on any productivity task in laptop mode, but also easily make a quick presentation in viewer mode. The lid can then be closed with the screen outside to watch a film or browse the internet.

Sony has made three different models with 13, 14 and 15-inch screens, and they come with either i5 or i7 Intel Core processors.

While the smallest version uses a fast solid state drive, the two larger ones use a hybrid drive designed to offer both speed and storage capacity. All three laptops use HD screens with Sony’s Triluminous Display technology to enhance the images and come with a backlit keyboard.

Pricing starts at Rs 94,990 (£917) for the 14-inch model. The 13-inch variant is valued at Rs 99,990, while the 15-inch device is available for Rs 104,000. The laptops will be available from January 29th.