Tablet being designed for children

Mother and child using a laptop

DreamWorks is creating a tablet especially designed for children.

The animation company, which produced films such as Shrek and Madagascar, is producing a device which will feature original content based on DreamWorks characters, according to the New York Times.

It will be working with Fuhu, which currently produces Toys R Us’ Nabi range of tablets for children.

Nancy Bernstein, a movie producer who has been working on the tablet, said that all the animation was custom-created. The tablet would, for instance, greet children with penguins from Madagascar and have characters from Shrek spring up to announce that it’s time to turn the device off.

In addition, the gadget would feature “educational artistic experience” to improve its appeal with parents. It would include tutorials from some of the studio’s top animators to teach users how to draw characters from their favourite DreamWorks films.

Both eight and 12-inch tablets are being designed and while an official price has not yet been determined, it is not expected to exceed $300 (£183).

A specific release date is currently unknown, but the device is expected to hit the shelves this spring.