Ultra handset security inside a phone case

In a world where our every move is, as some claim, tracked online and nothing is secret, privacy problems will only escalate as more and more of our internet lives are carried out on our phones.

But luckily, there is now a way to protect our phone calls and put our mobiles on lock down so that no one can get at your data: the Vysk QS1 phone case.

Software is used in smart phones to combat malware and protect our data, but as software can be tricked and overcome, Vysk have developed a hardware based defence cleverly constructed into a phone case for convenience.

The benefit of hardware is that all encryption is done within the phone case in a way that can’t be accessed remotely and so is not vulnerable to hacking.

Not only can the case encrypt and secure outgoing calls, messages and photos, it also has a lockdown mode which will physically block your cameras and microphones, to ensure that they can’t be hacked and used remotely.

Retailing at $250 (about £150), the device also requires a subscription fee in order to access the Vysk network. Although this makes it sound like the device simply gives all your data to another company, they say they will never be able to use or sell on data because the nature of the device and network means that they simply don’t have any data to hand over.

An advert/showcase trailer put up on Vimeo by Vysk would have us all believe that every government agency and criminal organisation not only want every scrap of data on you possible, but also wish to photograph and listen to your conversations with your family.

Although this is not likely, and may simply be exaggerated for advertisement reasons, the QS1 does look promising. If it does all that it claims to, it will leave your handset ultra secure.

The case can be used with the iPhone 5/5s and the Galaxy S5 and no change of internet provider or phone number is necessary.