Russian website give out live feeds from UK homes

The public are being warned about a Russian based website that streams thousands of live CCTV, webcam and baby monitor feeds.

In a huge breach of privacy, live feeds are available to view online as a result of hackers taking advantage of people’s lax security.

The site apparently has streams from more than 250 countries and territories, and has 500 feeds from the UK alone.

The streams are available because people have not changed their passwords on the access to the streams which have been hacked by using default passwords or by not having any access codes required.

There are a reportedly almost 4,600 cameras available to view from the USA and 2,059 in France, showing that it is a global breach.

Several news publishers have opted not to publish the address of the website so as not to fuel visitors to it.

Camera owners are being advised to change their passwords when they set them up away from the default one, and to turn off remote access unless it is necessary.

Foscam, a manufacturer of wireless cameras, has told the BBC that it has altered the software of its devices so that they require a new password upon setup.

The company also called this website “a gross violation of people’s privacy.”

Make sure you check the passwords of any devices you currently own, or any that you buy in the future, to make sure that websites like these cannot gain access.