Gaming industry receives £4m boost from government


The UK government is giving thousands of pounds to small gaming firms, to help them create global hits in the gaming industry.

The investment, which totals £4m, will lead to the creation of new jobs in the gaming industry, with the government hoping that starter firms are able to turn their ideas into reality.

Grants for up to £25,000 will be provided to different projects over the next four years, as part of the Video Games Prototype Fund, which was announced back in the July Budget. From 2015 to 2019, offices in London and Dundee will decide on the grants being given out.

This money is intended to help new and young gaming businesses produce working prototype games.

A limited number of projects will be granted up to £50,000 to turn their prototypes into reality.

“Britain’s video games punch well above their weight internationally and we need to build on this and invest in the strength of our creativity,” said the minister for culture and the digital economy, Ed Vaizey.

“This fund will give small businesses, start-ups and individuals the support they need to better attract private investment and go on to create the blockbusters of tomorrow.”

Currently, more than £4.5m a day is generated for the UK economy by UK video games, and there are more than 19,000 people employed in the industry. The government also introduced a tax relief for developers last year, allowing them to claim a 25 per cent discount on the costs of producing a game.

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