Significant and sustained attack on TalkTalk website

cyber attack

TalkTalk, the UK phone and broadband provider, has suffered a “significant and sustained cyber-attack” on its website, leading to police investigations.

Potentially all of TalkTalk’s customers (of which there are more than four million) could be affected, the company revealed, with personal information and banking details potentially being accessed.

The quick response of TalkTalk to inform its customers of the attack and possible consequences suggests that this has been a very serious attack.

Dido Harding, the chief executive of the TalkTalk group, said: “We brought down all our websites [on Wednesday] lunchtime and have spent the last 24 hours investigating with the Met Police. It’s too early to know exactly what data has been attacked and what has been stolen.”

“Potentially it could affect all of our customers, which is why we are contacting them all by email and we will also write to them as well. The biggest risk is that customers’ details have been stolen and criminals try to impersonate them,” she continued.

This is the third cyber attack on TalkTalk’s website in the last 12 months, the most recent of which was in August.

A cyber security expert, Daniel Dresner of Manchester University, has warned that customers should be careful about providing any information to anyone who contacts them claiming to be from TalkTalk, in case the hackers are posing as employees.

TalkTalk has also urged its customers to keep an eye on their accounts over the coming months, reporting any unusual activity to Action Fraud and their bank.