New Huawei P9 smartphone to rival Apple and Samsung

Huawei P9

Chinese technology firm Huawei has revealed its latest Android smartphone, the P9, which uses a dual-lens camera that allows you to refocus images after you take them, as the firm looks to continue its staggering growth.

The 5.2 inch phone is made from aluminium, and features a vibrant screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It has 1080p HD resolution, a MicroSD slot and a new ARM-based Kirin 955 processor, from Huawei. There is also a P9 Plus, which measures 5.5 inches, and both versions of the phone features USB-C connectors, a tech feature which has been on the rise lately.

The P9 is a high-end smartphone to rival the Apple iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7, rather than being a phone aimed at those on a budget.

The ingenious camera is the result of a collaboration with Leica, a German photography company, and is one of the main features Huawei will be relying on to separate the P9 from those hugely popular competitors. The dual cameras (one 12MP colour camera and one 12MP black-and-white camera) can capture 200 per cent more light, the firm claims, enabling users to capture better photos with their phone.

The cameras feature a range of useful features, such as dynamic aperture adjustment, and the phone will definitely appeal to those who are serious about their photography. However, that should not take away from the rest of the P9’s capabilities, which are highly impressive, and a real sign of serious ambition.

The P9 will be available from 16 April for between 599 Euros (£485) and 649 Euros, depending on the size of the storage space in the phone, and other aspects such as RAM. The P9 Plus will be available slightly later, for 749 Euros.

While Huawei may be a relative unknown to many people in Europe and North America, the Shenzhen-based company is the third-biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Huawei sold 105 million smartphones last year – equating to a 7.3 per cent market share – and this represented a staggering 44.3 per cent rise on 2014, according to IDC.

For comparison, Apple shipped 225m – equating to a 15.9 per cent market share – following behind Samsung who shipped 320m smartphones, taking 22.5 per cent of the market share.

Clearly these two giants in the world of smartphones have a new rival causing them to cast nervous glances back over their shoulder, but as yet Huawei has yet to really expand outside of China. The company also has Xiaomi and Lenovo close on its tail, and this all indicates that the smartphone market could be set for more battles for the top spot, having seen Apple and Samsung dominate for so long.

An exciting future awaits as we look to see how the P9 performs against the more-recognised companies out there.

Image courtesy of Huawei