Pokémon Go update removes key features

Pokémon Go

Major changes to the hugely popular Pokémon Go app have caused anger among many players, with some even reporting their entire progress so far has been erased by the most recent update.

The latest version has just rolled out, and the biggest talking point is the footprint tacker disappearing completely from the app. Originally, nearby Pokémon would show up, with one, two or three footprints displayed beside them, to indicate how close they were to your location.

However, this tracking feature stopped working a few weeks ago, with three footprints always displayed, regardless of how close the Pokémon were to you. Instead of introducing a fix for this, the game’s developer Niantic has decided to completely remove this feature, which many said was a key part of the game, and contributed significantly to its appeal.

Additionally, third-party tracking services appear to have been asked by Niantic to shut down their online maps. Pokévision, among others, would help users find the locations of rare Pokémon, but this reportedly violated the terms of service of the app, and they have since been taken down.

It was also reported that the Battery Saver feature within the settings had been removed, although when we last checked the most recent version of Pokémon Go on our phones, we found it was still there. We certainly hope it’s not disappearing, because Pokémon Go is a very power-hungry app, making this feature very useful.

It’s not all negative news, however. Users can now re-customise their avatar from their profile screen, there’s been a number of general bug fixes across the entire app, and gym battles have had a range of adjustments with regards to animations and damage calculations, all to improve user experience.

There are apparently more Pokémon around you, and a wider variety of them too – great news for everyone who’s fed up of constantly finding the same few types. You will also be able to transfer them much easier than before, and mark certain Pokémon as your favourites, to prevent you being able to accidentally transfer them.

Pokémon Go hasn’t even been out for a whole month yet, but there are thought to be around 9.5 million daily active users already, and it has helped Nintendo’s shares rise dramatically.