Hailed as the future of WiFi, Eero starts shipping

Eero wifi

Eero, seen as the answer to poor WiFi coverage and speeds in your home, has finally started shipping its product to 25,000 people who have pre-ordered the router.

The smart wireless routing system was meant to go on sale last year, for those who had bought it early. However, due to manufacturing issues, shipping has only just begun.

The logic behind Eero is that WiFi waves from your router struggle to cover the whole of your house – which can result in annoying buffering in certain rooms – and you therefore need multiple access points around your home.

The system works by plugging one Eero into your modem, and you can then plug any more Eeros that you have into standard sockets. This results in your home being covered in a ‘wireless mesh network’, to ensure a strong WiFi signal across your whole house.

However, improving your WiFi comes at a cost. A high cost. To buy an Eero WiFi system of three, it will cost $499 (approximately £360). To buy just one, it will cost $199 (approximately £145).

Eero’s website says that you will be able to control the WiFi using an app on your phone or tablet, analysing your speeds and which devices are connected.

You should also be free from the dreaded journey to the router to reset it when the internet goes down. Eero says that regular check-ups will be conducted by the system, which will fix itself whenever there is a problem, without you even noticing.

Importantly, it also claims to be safe from cyber attacks, downloading security updates and software updates automatically, when they become available.