Top five tech gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's heart

Valentine’s Day is just five days away, so we’ve come up with five of the best tech gifts you can give to your Valentine.

We’ve tried to find the right balance between luxury and price, to ensure you manage to please your partner, without paying a fortune in the process.

Amazon Fire 7″

If your partner is a book lover, then the Amazon Fire tablet will be a great present for them. It allows users to download thousands of books onto one device, including audiobooks, which is much more convenient than buying thousands of real books.

The Fire doesn’t just open up the world of books though, as members of Amazon Prime will be able to stream and download thousands of TV shows and movies, as well as millions of songs.

You can also take photos and record 720p HD video, using the 2MP rear-facing camera, or you can Skype friends and family using the front-facing camera.

Amazon Fire tablet

The tablet is very durable and so can accompany your loved one all over the place. The battery life of approximately seven hours of mixed use makes sure that they won’t be caught short on the go.

Storage space shouldn’t be an issue either as you will be able to expand the internal storage by as much as 128GB with a MicroSD card, or you could make use of cloud storage.

This item currently retails for £49.99 on Amazon, and you can buy it here for a special offer.


Fitbit Charge HR

If you and your partner want to get fitter this year, a fitness tracker would be a great choice for you.

The Fitbit Charge HR differs from many other fitness trackers available, in that it is able to monitor your heart rate continuously, although its accuracy isn’t yet perfect, unfortunately. It does have a good battery life, however, lasting for five days and more between charges.

Fitbit Charge HR

You can view information such as the time, calories burned, and other daily fitness stats on the OLED display, which also offers a Caller ID feature so you can see who is trying to contact you without having to check your phone.

You can see in-depth statistics on the Fitbit app, monitoring your sleep and activity levels, viewable on graphs, and you can compare them with your partner to try and encourage you to be fit.

For those on a tight budget, the Misfit Flash may be a better alternative, although it does look just as you’d expect from its low price. The Fitbit Charge is also a cheaper alternative to the Charge HR.

You can buy the Fitbit Charge HR for £89.99 on Amazon.

Mighty Purse and Mighty Clutch

The Mighty Purse and the Mighty Clutch have combined fashion with function, resulting in a great looking purse or clutch which is capable of charging up your phone. This is perfect for when you’re out and cannot access a power socket, running the risk of your smartphone dying.

The Purse and Clutch are compatible with Apple iPhones and all phones using a Micro USB charging cable. You can keep all your usual essentials securely in your purse or clutch, and charge your phone whenever you want to, by simply plugging the small cable (located in the middle of the bag) into your phone.

Mighty Purse

With a 4000mAh battery, it can be used to either boost up the battery level of your tablets, or fully charge your phone twice. To recharge the battery, simply plug it into a power adapter or USB port on a laptop or desktop.

With a huge number of different designs, even using genuine leather, you should be able to find a design your partner will like.

Most designs of the Mighty Purse and the Mighty Clutch currently retail for between £49.99 and £58.95 on Amazon, with prices varying depending on the design.

(There is also a wallet version of this, called the Power Wallet, produced by Seyvr. Prices for the Wallet start at £49.99 on Amazon at the time of writing).


Sure, you may love your partner, but their snoring can be testing to say the least. Thankfully, with this great creation, you can block their annoying noises out and get a great night’s sleep.

Made from a soft fleece headband, with thin removable speakers inside, SleepPhones are extremely comfortable. They can play any audio, whether you want music, white noise or something else, just by plugging the wire into a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.


Why buy these? For a start, wearing normal headphones while you sleep is very uncomfortable. Also, it is actually quite dangerous, carrying the risk that you will end up strangling yourself with the wire in your sleep. The wire in SleepPhones is much shorter, and kept more out of the way of your neck.

Another great feature of these SleepPhones is they can double as a face mask, if you place the headband over your eyes as well as your ears.

Because you can adjust and remove the speakers, you can wash the headband, helping to keep it clean and functioning over a longer period of time.

Sleepphones currently retail for around £30 on Amazon, depending on the make and model chosen. Bluetooth variations are more expensive.

Tinder Nightmares

Whilst not strictly tech, this book on the hugely popular online dating app, Tinder, is a great way for you to reminisce on single life, and reflect on your romance.

You and your partner can read through and see just what you have missed out on avoided by pairing up, and have a laugh at some of the glorious attempts at flirting that have been encountered on the dating app.

tinder nightmare

The book is based on a hugely popular Instagram account of the same name, and showcases some of the worst attempts at flirting ever recorded.

This item currently retails for £9.98 on Amazon.


Have a great Valentine’s Day this year!

We hope you have a great and tech-fuelled Valentine’s Day. If you’re still undecided, why not take a chance on a wildcard with Firebox’s Valentine’s Day Mystery Box, or just check out Firebox for their great range of his-and-her presents.