LG give sneak peek to flexible TV prior to CES


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is kicking off in Las Vegas on Wednesday, but some firms have jumped the gun and already begun to show off their innovations. Chief among them is LG who have shown off their flexible TV prototype.

We have heard about LG’s attempts to revolutionise the TV screen, turn it flat and roll it up, for some time, but now reporters are getting their first hands-on experience of LG Display’s work.

Moving to produce OLED TV screens gave LG the right technology to play with to begin to develop the flat, flexible TV. Using an “organic” tech, the screen doesn’t need a backing panel to produce light, and so the rigid tech in the TV screens is rendered obsolete… in theory.

The screen isn’t perfect, easily developing some dead pixels, and apparently while experimentally flexing it, the reporters found that they ‘killed off’ a few more pixels, leaving tiny holes in the picture. This is less than ideal, especially as the flexibility is one of the main uses of the tech, but it is still in development, and this is one area that will need work before it is released for consumers.

Furthermore, the screen cannot be folded, only rolled. Folding will cause massive damage to the technology inside the screen.

At the moment, the screen sits at 18 inches, corner to corner, with a resolution of 1,200 by 810 pixels. The South Korean multinational electronics developer is aiming to increase this size to 55 inches, and crank the resolution up to 4K.

At this size, the practicalities of a flat and easily storable screen become more apparent. Not only would it mean that having to give up a corner of the room for a TV is a thing of the past, as the screen can simply be pasted onto a wall, then rolled up and put in a cupboard afterward, but it also has ramifications for shop displays and advertising: perfectly portable screens that can be set up and stored away as needed.

However, this vision is still a long way off. “The larger prototype is expected in the near future. But as for a commercial product, we’re still planning the timing,” said KJ Kim, LG Display’s vice president of the marketing division.