Warning over link which crashes iPhones

iphone 5s

Apple iPhone users are being warned to beware a link that is being shared around which will take you to a website designed to crash the Safari web browser, or reboot your phone.

The website does exactly as its name suggests, (which is www.crashsafari.com), and takes down your Safari. A self-generating text string overloads your default web browser, with it being either impossible or very difficult for your browser to process it all. After approximately 20 seconds, your iPhone will reboot, as well as heating up due to the amount of code it is trying to cope with from the site.

Similar problems are experienced on other Apple products, such as iPads and Macs, but even Android devices running Chrome have experienced issues. Laptops and desktops are not affected as much, but they have been slowed down by the link.

The link is being shared around on social media to try and spread the problem around, and is even being disguised through the use of URL shorteners, which tempt unsuspecting iPhone users to click on them. Therefore, users should be very wary of suspect links.

Thankfully it appears that the worst that can happen is that your smartphone will reboot, behaving normally after it has restarted itself.